Our IFS Broker certification


JMF Partenariat is a fruit and vegetable import/export company from France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Morocco. Created in 2004, we sell our fruit and vegetables mainly to wholesalers and French and European retailers. The level of requirements of the latter customers led us to set up the IFS Broker certification with the aim of developing trade with them.

We mobilise the whole JMF Partenariat team, supported by our quality manager, to meet the requirements of the IFS Broker standard, as well as all the customer and regulatory requirements linked to our activity, particularly in terms of food safety. Throughout the year, our QHSE Manager works hard to maintain our processes and enforce our quality policy

We have identified the following areas for improvement:

    • Customer satisfaction and in particular listening to our customers (identifying their needs, dealing with complaints, ….), communicating their requirements internally and building their loyalty.
    • Strengthen links with our suppliers, better communication on quality criteria and with our producers, offer support on projects to improve agricultural processes or other, create a real partnership. Carry out more audits in the field in order to ensure that actions have been taken to guarantee food safety and ensure that there is no fraud.
    • Ensuring that the expected product characteristics are met : providing a healthy, fair and marketable product that meets customer requirements throughout the process ;
    • Maitriser les risques santé et sécurité du personnel par la prévention et le renforcement de la formation.
    • A real and concrete commitment in terms of the environment and sustainable development, notably limiting energy consumption, with a gradual switch to LED lighting, renewing our professional vehicles with hybrids, requesting our French producers to obtain HVE level 3 certification and better waste management…

In June this year we renewed our IFS Broker certification in V3.
We are proud of our commitment and communicate our product safety culture both internally and externally.

In order to meet our food safety obligations, a HACCP team has been formed and mobilised. It is also in charge of the “Fight against malicious acts” (Food Defense) and “Fight against food fraud” (Food Fraud); it is composed of a facilitator (quality manager), a sales representative, a storekeeper and a member of the Management.

We are therefore counting on everyone’s commitment to maintain our IFS Broker certification and an efficient quality system.