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With 25 years of experience in the production and marketing of vegetables from the North, Jean-Marie DUMONT created the company JMF PARTENARIAT in 2004.

  • In 2005, an agency was opened in the Pas de Calais in order to be present in the production basin and to be as close as possible to the producers.
  • In order to develop a more varied range of fruit and vegetables, in 2007 we set up an agency in Perpignan in the International Market Saint-Charles, which will become the head office of JMF PARTENARIAT in 2009.
    In the same year we opened a purchasing office in Belgium in Roselaere, in order to increase the range of products from the North.
  • In 2010 a representative office was set up in the south of Spain. At present, it is organised by two employees in Murcia and Almeria.
To date, we market around 25,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables throughout Europe
with a turnover of 17.7 million euros.

JMF PARTENARIAT provides all the services to market the fruit and vegetable
fruit and vegetable production of our partner producers in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Our customers, central purchasing offices, wholesalers and importers are located throughout Europe

JMF PARTNERSHIP provides an excellent relationship of trust, satisfying its customers and enabling its partner producers to develop their farms in the long term.

In order to develop our collaboration with producers, since 2019 we have been investing with some of them in different crops.

Our strengths :

    • A daily presence at each production site.
    • A production schedule with year-round products.
    • Real partner with our producers in order to perpetuate the implementation of commitments with our customers.
    • A team of dynamic fruit and vegetable professionals at your service every day.