JMF PARTENARIAT moves into JMD LOGISTIQUE. A warehousing and logistics services company for fruit and vegetables. JMD LOGISTIQUE specialises in warehousing, handling and order preparation. The JMD LOGISTIQUE warehouse is located at 490 Avenue de Rome, Grand Saint Charles in Perpignan. It is equipped with a 3,500m2 refrigerated platform out of a total of 4,200m2,

Our IFS Broker certification

IFS BROKER JMF Partenariat is a fruit and vegetable import/export company from France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Morocco. Created in 2004, we sell our fruit and vegetables mainly to wholesalers and French and European retailers. The level of requirements of the latter customers led us to set up the IFS Broker certification with the aim

New: Prince de Bretagne products at JMF PARTENARIAT

It is with great pleasure that we announce the partnership “Prince de Bretagne/JMF PARTENARIAT”. Renowned for its quality fruit and vegetables, Prince de Bretagne has everything to seduce you. We are currently offering you “STARLETTE” early potatoes and tomatoes with the flavour of yesteryear in addition to the classic bunches or round ones. Do not