A warehousing and logistics services company for fruit and vegetables.

JMD LOGISTIQUE specialises in warehousing, handling and order preparation.
The JMD LOGISTIQUE warehouse is located at 490 Avenue de Rome, Grand Saint Charles in Perpignan. It is equipped with a 3,500m2 refrigerated platform out of a total of 4,200m2, including 700m2 of commercial office space for rental.


The warehouse is equipped with levelling docks, doors with airlocks and refrigerated docks. The storage area is divided into programmable cells with different temperatures, controlled by cold management software. Security is ensured by a remote surveillance system and an alarm. The warehouse is also equipped with a pest control system.

The company has a total workforce of 7. At the height of the season, seasonal and temporary staff are taken on to handle surplus production.

JMD LOGISTIQUE also provides reception approval in accordance with the Saint Charles quality approach, monitors the quality of its suppliers and customers by implementing a quality approach (HACCP) and is in the process of obtaining IFS Logistique certification.

Since June 2023, JMF PARTENARIAT has been certified Global Gap CoC (Chain of Custody). In order to guarantee the traceability of fruit and vegetables from certified Global Gap