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Category: Pepper

  1. Green california Pepper

    The square green pepper is a variety of pepper that comes from Mexico and South America. Measuring between 7 and 9 cm, this type of pepper

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  2. Green Pepper long

    The long green pepper is native to Mexico. It is between 12 and 15 cm long. All peppers are green before ripening and then change

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  3. Red California Pepper

    The square red pepper is a variety of square peppers from Mexico. It measures between 7 and 9 cm and is ideal for stuffing, baking,

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  4. Red kapia Pepper

    Do we still need to introduce the red pepper? Yes ? The red Kapia pepper is a colourful variety of pepper originating from Turkey. It

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  5. Yellow California Pepper

    The yellow square pepper is a variety of pepper. Originally from Mexico and South America, this pepper has seduced with its summer colours and atypical

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